Welcome to my blog, set up to be a professional sidekick to my website.

I also have another WIP, a Sci-Fi adventure story titled “Challenge Of The Velah.” I really do need to start treating him with as much interest as I do for “The Barbarian” lest the Velah charge up his Dagonae and dispatch me with no more thought than were I a Sakalel Warrior. You can read a teaser, though it may be outdated, by clicking the link.

On this blog, I have given some excerpts on the book-in-progress, as well as contest entries where I could pen a segment for adding in to the main story at a later point. Thus far, the #BlogBattles are the only contests I’ve participated in, but that’s not to say I won’t try another if it strikes my fancy.

So, have a look around, maybe read some of the snippets. Also, as always, leave me a comment and let me know what works for you, and, most especially, what doesn’t.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. John, thanks for stopping by – thought I’d head over here to read what you’ve been writing! You have some really interesting, genuine content here and I really like it. One guy that I think you should follow (non-fiction writer, but great thoughts on getting where you want to go) is James Clear (jamesclear.com) – I find his writing to be very motivating in taking “baby steps’ towards my own writing goals!

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I mainly post on writing, nutrition, health, and faith, but you may find a few odd pieces which is why my blog is “quirky”. I hope you will continue to stop by and find more articles of interest. I decided to follow you.

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