Guest Posts

I’m not, as one can readily tell upon browsing either my website or my blogs, extremely popular. However, I can assure everyone that I have recently seen a spike in visits and likes, most likely from participating in the #BlogBattle from Rachael‘s blog.

For those, I have actually written new stuff for the prompts, even though my first impulse is to find something I’ve already done that conforms to the rules. After all, most of my writing is unseen anyway.

I have also re-posted articles from other sites, “reblogged” as the word is known in the common tongue.

I have been asked recently to help out a fellow writer, as he will be away from cyberspace for a couple of days. He asked in general, truth be known, and I volunteered to help. (It’s nice to actually know what I’m volunteering for before being committed. Or I am volunteered by someone else, and then told about it.) ((Oh, did I say “committed”? If I’m not committed, maybe I should be.))

So, this section will be for Guest Posts. I don’t really see it getting big as yet, but someday it might.



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