(A Writer’s Corner) A Shiny Star is Not the End…

Glenn Rolfe with some encouraging advice on how to handle poor reviews!


Over the course of my relatively short writing career, I’ve noticed varying reactions from writers you and old,  new and well-worn, when it comes to that truly horrifying thing – the 1-Star Review  Duh-duh-daaaahh!!!

What you really should be concerned with just how many you have for any given piece of work. Trust me, we all get them. There is absolutely no way to please everyone. And you won’t. You’re not that special. I mean it. I’m not being a dick, I’m just sayin’,  everyone that writes and releases their books to the public will have a number of people that do not get it, do not like it, do not want it near anyone that they care about….seriously.

For newbies, this first low rating/bad review can be devastating. It doesn’t have t be. Just consider it another of those  “Welcome to the Club” moments. Honestly, this is the age…

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