A review of “The Monster” (2016)

I enjoyed the movie “The Monster” and have recommended it several times to others. Here’s a great review!

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

What a neat little horror movie.  “Monster” (2016) is unencumbered by any sort of belabored mystery or backstory — or even the need for familiarity with werewolf or vampire lore.  Its title baddie appears to simply be a horrible, nameless, forest-dwelling predator that waylays and assails a mother and her young daughter along a lonely highway at night.  The story’s simplicity alone makes it interesting.

And it’s a well crafted, thoughtful story.  It focuses heavily on its characters while its plot-driving antagonist is concealed in the rainswept woods, and the movie’s extensive use of flashbacks isn’t too jarring and is generally very good.  We see two interwoven stories — the first is a bare-bones scary campfire tale, while the second is about a mother-daughter relationship effectively destroyed by alcoholism.  The flashbacks do not feel like filler, nor are they maudlin.  They pack a decent enough emotional punch and, despite being sparsely…

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