“We’re Play Things For The Wicked”

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"William's Window"

"We're Play Things For The Wicked"


We’re play things for the wicked,

In this hell we call earth,

From the moment we’re born,

With their certificates of birth.


We’re collateral to a debt,

In a country we call home,

Ruled by the rich,

Where nothing is owned.


Human livestock we are,

To the wicked, just peons,

In a world so corrupt,

It’s been this way for eons.


From monarchs and dictators,

To corporations and banksters,

Plutocrats and oligarchs,

Their all a bunch of wankers.


There’s something to be said,

In pretending to be civilized,

Our freedom and liberty,

Leaving much to be criticized.


We’re deceived by their media,

And politicians puking lies,

Nothing’s as it seems,

As we begin to clear our eyes.


And now the fog has cleared,

And the darkness falls away,

We’re just play things for the wicked,

It’s always been this way.



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