Do you have lethologica or simply like UNUSUAL or WEIRD words?

Great list of new words! Well, maybe not new, but new to me works just as well!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Let me introduce you to a world of words that few know even existed.

Like the following selection:

acanthi – prickle
acanthous – spiny; prickly
acapnia – lack or deficiency of carbon dioxide
acapnotic – non-smoker; non-smoking
acarpous – sterile; not bearing fruit
acatalectic – having complete or full number of syllables in a poetic line
acatalepsy – the unknowableness of all things to a certainty
acatamathesia – inability to understand data presented to the senses
acates – provisions that have been purchased
acatour – provisioner; quartermaster
acaudate – tailless
acceptilation – remission of debt or liability through fictitious repayment

blesiloquent – speaking with a stammer or lisp
bletcherous- having an ugly design
bletherskate – a garrulous talker of nonsense
bletonism – alleged ability to find an underground water supply
blewit – type of edible toadstool
blissom – subject to or having strong sexual desires
bloomery – factory where iron…

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