I have been intrigued by caves for a long time. Maybe I’ve imagined them being a maw of the Earth, and thoughts of crawling into the belly of the world appealed to me, I don’t really know. I do know that there are those who would not go into a cave for anything, even to save their life. I guess if (when) the time comes to make that kind of decision, the population will dwindle considerably. Population control?

So, as a result of my experiences exploring some in my youth, I have penned a couple of stories set in caves. I even used the experience of hitting my head on the roof of the tunnel in one of the said tales, and if you have ever been spelunking, you know the pain seems amplified, be it because of the enclosed space or whatever reason, but it hurts much worse than usual.

While taking the Long Ridge Writers Group course “Breaking Into Print” I sent my story “Deadly Cavern” in for one of the lessons to get my instructor’s feedback and editing.

He helped me to imagine a better ending, one that would not leave the reader hanging or trying to figure out just what happened. (I cannot stand when I have to do that, so don’t want my readers, if I ever get any, to go through it.)

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have joined Wattpad, a site intended to link writers with readers. I would really love to find someone not related to me, who is willing to offer me honest, constructive criticism on my stories, and I get little, if any, response from social media or word-of-mouth. It almost makes me not want to continue. Almost. But I have stories to share. I want to write, but I also want them to be read, as well as commented on. Even if it’s just someone wanting to tell me I need to give up. Is it wrong of me to seek approval from people I don’t know?

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