A challenge: 15 Films that impacted me.

A challenge: 15 Films that impacted me.

Jeremy C. Shipp ( http://jeremycshipp.wordpress.com/ ) has posted a challenge. He listed 15 films that had an impact on him, then asked for others to post theirs.

I have, as others would attest, an abundance of movies. There are so many good ones, that it is, as another commenter ( http://panzerbunny.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/monsters-and-other-things/ ) said, very hard to narrow down. So, I’ll just list some of the better ones. In my opinion, and in no particular order:

1) Conan The Barbarian ( both versions, but mainly the books by the late, great Robert E. Howard)

2) Outlander

3) Pirates of The Caribbean (All of ’em!)

4) Die Hard (First 3. Most of the recent Bruce Willis movies look like he just isn’t into his character. Even RED2.)

5) Friday The 13th (all but the 3rd one. I found myself uninterested when the killer gets someone else to do his wet, um, dirty work)

6) A Nightmare on Elm Street (again, all but the 3rd one)

7) The Harry Potter series. Yes, I’m serious!

8) Star Wars

9) Star Trek (all: Fan, but not fanatical)

10) Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

11) Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078579/ if you don’t know)

12) Final Destination (all, but did not really like the protagonist of the first one)

13) Resident Evil (all)

14) I Spit On Your Grave (remake, not original)

15) {{{Aw, hell; If it’s listed as “Horror” “Action” or “Adventure”, maybe “Fantasy”, I’ll give it a shot. Just not the ones that look like they were shot with a webcam or iPhone behind and under the local campus.}}}

There are way too many good ones to list, so posted here are the first to pass their way through my fingertips and appear on screen.

I could keep going.

I have been in the search for the Ultimate Horror Flick for a long time. I have found several which came close, but not since I aged into adulthood have I seen a movie which prevented me turning out the lights and going to sleep.


It is possible to make a section of either my blog or my new website (coming soon-  still in production) to post my observations of some celluloid productions. If some interest in reading them could be expressed by the audience. (Ahem: Hint. Hint…) Comment-like, not just or only “like”-like. Please?


Some may be wondering why this is posted in my “Writing Help” section.

A lot of others post that Authors must also be Readers. I feel that movies are also important. In some of my writing, the best way I can describe the action is to “see” it in my mind, then it transfers to the typing fingers. The scenes I see in my mind are all derived from combinations of scenes I have watched in movies.

Thus, I consider watching films in the genre you wish to write every bit as important as reading books.

Or, am I wrong? I really would like to “hear” some feedback on this.


Until Next Time, Write On!



  1. I am more a fan of the Robert E. Howard and Lin Carted written works, but I found both films an entertaining take on the adventures of the Cimmerian.
    I have only seen one version of Outlander. In fact, I didn’t even know there were more than. I have seen several films with Mr. Caviezel, and found him a versatile soul. Same with Guy Pierce. I first acknowledged (for lack of a better word) their talents in the 2002 remake of “The Count Of Monte Cristo”. Have you seen “Lockout” yet?


    1. oh my, the Count of Monte Cristo was really really very good. Caviezel while in captivity really got to me. I’m not a big revenge gal, but yes, this movie was great, and both of them were very good in this. I’m so glad you recommended that other Pierce movie, as I somehow missed it. I’m always on the look out for these two in anything, and this one did slip by me so thanks. Science fiction to boot, my favourite genre. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and feast.


  2. Alright, I’m loving your list! You can’t make a list without adding Conan, it is unavoidable! In fact, I had such a hard time leaving it out, it was criminal. Which Outlander are you making reference to btw? I’m a huge Caviezel addict, I love his acting in most everything. As for the remainder of your list, you have the usual villians and hero deemed list worthy. Thank you for allowing me a little time to recuperate. Pesky flesh and bones *shakes ornery fist to sky*(and winks).. hehe Nice of you to stop in.. I’ll go poke around your blog a bit while I’m able.

    Movies are just as valid in inspiring one’s writing. I say use what ever it is that sets you ablaze. However speaking of books on the subject of writing Steven Pressfield’s War of Art is pretty liberating.. Or was(is) for me…



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