Tips for finding an editor

I came across this blog, and found a whole bunch of useful information. Jae agreed to let me re-blog it, so here it is:

Jae's Fiction

In past blog articles, I talked about why you need an editor. But where can you find a good editor? How can you avoid hiring an incompetent editor who will do more harm than good?

I suggest you check out several different editors. Ask other your writer friends or published authors whose books you liked about their editor. Search the Internet, e.g., blogs about editing, editors’ websites, etc. Organizations such as the Editorial Freelancers Association (US), the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (UK), the Institute of Professional Editors (Australia), the Editors’ Association of Canada, or the New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors (New Zealand) also have lists of members.

After you have found several potential editors for your book, try to get more information about them.

  • Qualification and experience: Look at the editor’s website. It should display a bio or some information about the editor’s background. Does she have…

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