My Next Step

So, I have, I believe, successfully completed my writing course with Long Ridge Writers Group. I have not received my diploma as yet, but am told it is forthcoming.

I have also entered into negotiations with an editor. Now, I am faced with the need to write a synopsis for my Barbarian story. As I have not yet completed it, I will need to figure out where I want it to go, and how I hope for it to get there.

Again, there are many, many websites which offer suggestions and advice. Google search yielded over 6 million results. Even offers search results, though substantially fewer.

In deciding which article to utilize, one must first consider the genre. I am sure that a synopsis for my Sword and Sorcery book would be quite different than one for, say, "Chicken Soup For The Soul". One would hope so, anyway.

(So many results, and many of them can be helpful. I guess if one needs to come up with a synopsis, one must actually do the research to find the help that works best for the individual, or the book, itself. Imagine that…)

The most common thread I have encountered through the links I have clicked thus far would be to basically tell how the story goes, instead of showing the story as in the novel. As one (or more) of the advice givers put it, “Like telling a friend how a movie went, from the beginning to the end.”

Yes, if writing a synopsis for an editor or an agent, you must reveal the ending. I am not sure about all of them, but the editor I am negotiating with told me that the synopsis is not “set in stone”. Just because I have certain points of interest for my characters to navigate through, they might decide to go a different route, or have a different reaction to the stimuli.

One of the sites I found during this search is, simply enough, How To Write A Book Now. Going from How To Start through tips and techniques, even offering their views on some software, tools and resources. They also have separate sections for those who wish to try their hand at plays or nonfiction.

Here’s an interesting site: Writing World. (Go straight to their index to see the many things they offer.) There, one will find sections for help with writing, suggestions on a myriad of genres, and even a section if one wishes to submit to them. The topic of writing a synopsis is covered here. While there, check out the other sections to see if there is anything useful to you.

In summary; On this one, the novelist will have to do the searching. After all, no one can tell another which will work best, because what works for, say, me will not necessarily work for “you”. So, check out the links here, or do a search on the site more preferred by you. It makes absolutely no difference, as long as you get the info you need to succeed!

Until next time: Write On!


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