Thoughts on Commenting

I would like, if I may, to say a few (or maybe more) words about the “Comment” section of webpages, blog posts, or anything else that has the option.

Now, I freely admit that I do not comment every time I read a post or watch a video. I mainly comment when I see something relevant to what I am looking for, or if it strikes a chord within. I do press the “like” button without leaving a comment. However, if I find a post I like and there are no comments, I will leave at least a short note stating my thoughts.

On this here blog, I have gotten some “likes”, even a few “subscribers” and “shares”, but have only gotten two, I repeat, 2 comments on one post. That these came from people I do not know is a bonus, but still, for the Views/Like/Comment ratio, it is, in my opinion, lacking.

The same goes for my website. I have gotten lots of views, according to the “stats” link on my dashboard. But most of the comments are from my family members, and those who are not related, I have asked to visit and comment. Never have I gotten an unsolicited response from a stranger. Is it so hard to say “Cool” or “Well Done”? Or even “Give it up, loser”. At least I would know some one’s thoughts that way.

I don’t expect everyone who visits to leave a comment; that would be unrealistic. Nor do I expect everyone who likes or subscribes to respond. Hell, I am even surprised that anyone cares a diddle what I have to post here. But is it unrealistic to hope that some people might care to leave a couple of words of encouragement? Just a little verbal support to entice continued posting? A few words can definitely go a long way, and it always feels good to get some recognition for one’s efforts.

In this day and age of instant information, there is a wellspring of reposts, copy-and-paste, mirrored info. I try to keep my posts original, hitting on topics that can help, not just myself, but others as well. When I post information from someone else, as I have done and will continue to do, I try to leave a message on that person’s post stating that I have mentioned it, and link to theirs instead of posting their info on my site. This may be folly, perhaps the readers would rather read all the info on one page instead of having to hit a link and look elsewhere for what I am referencing. I don’t know because no one has informed me of that preference.

Please do not get me wrong: I am not demanding that people leave me a comment, whether they like what I post or not. I am just saying that comments would be appreciated. Even if it is from someone telling me that I have no idea what I’m talking about, or that I have not the experience to be posting that which I have not accomplished myself.

This blog was created toward the start of this year. I have not posted with anything remotely connected with regularity, and no “timeline” can be found linking them. What hits my whim to share, I publish here, and that is not always in a timely fashion. I am trying to do better, but I have to admit, without feedback, I do get discouraged. I would like to see what others have to say about what I publish.

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    1. Thank you, Eric, for the wishes! I checked out your post along the same lines, and am still going through the vast section of comments there. One can aspire to have the amount of readers it is obvious that you have. Keep up your seemingly tireless efforts!


  1. Hey there 🙂 I totally agree with you when you say you wish someone would leave behind a comment. It makes me feel that someone read through what I wrote, thought about it and had some opinion. It helps me to get over the feeling that I may be hitting a wall when I post something. Likes and subscribes help a lot too, but it still leaves you guessing what your reader thought when he “Liked” your post …… did he really like it? Did he think it was awesome? Or did he think it was just worth a read …… exactly why did he like about it? It would help us to try and improve accordingly, gives us something to look forward to …. and is it hard to expect that in a place full of writers?

    But then again, they are the boss 😀 …… we can only wish, I can tell you, I was definitely delighted to find your lone comment on my blog 😉 and seeing that others like you feel the same way about it, I am going to make it a point to take the effort of leaving behind a comment when I think the post is worth it 🙂 Good day!


  2. I’ve found that getting comments on my blog posts is pretty random. Some things are just hot topics while others aren’t. Right now, I get very few comments on my book reviews, but quite a bit more on my posts relating to self-publishing for authors. The ones out of those that have done best are the ones that basically challenge people to not be hypocrites.
    I also get alot more comments if I spend sincere time reading through other people’s blogs. The online blogging life is only viable if you are writing for a niche. General blog posts about life (not saying that’s what you do, because right now I have no clue) don’t seem to matter much to anyone. I focus on indie authors and issues relating to that and it seems to work. By also commenting on other similar blogs, I seem to gain more respect.
    Take care. I’m off to scope out the rest of your blog.


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