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March 3, 2018

So now, it is even further along. I had to cancel the contract I signed with the previous publisher. Things just didn’t work out. However, I resubmitted Hell’s Beginning to another: Hellbound Books has looked over the edited/revised copy and I’ve signed a new contract with them. This time, the Company is more aligned with my story, so I’m thinking it will be a much better fit. (We shall see)

As for the other stories and poems I mentioned in the last update, they have been published! Below, a list of them with links, all of which can be found on my Amazon Author Page.

Indigo Matters is in Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts

Silent Screams is in Beautiful Tragedies

Duplicate Counterparts is in Demons, Devils and Denizens of Hell: Volume 2

& the poem I will not name here is in Super-Sick: Tales of Twisted Superheroes

Now, for updated information on Barbarian Tales. I’ve gotten back to the story once again. I’m going through it and making sure it flows well and adding more descriptive portions. There are some major holes in the story; not plot holes, but unwritten areas that need to be addressed, as well as the entire middle needing to be scribed. To date, I have around 43,500 words in two parts; the beginning and the end. I’m hoping to get 30,000 in both of those sections and being able to add 20-30,000 for the missing middle section. That would make a grand novel, much longer than I hoped for when I started it. That’s a whole lot more, even, than the 50,000 I was overwhelmed with in the original version of this post!

Jan 27, 2013

Originally written some 5-and-a-half years ago, these words chronicled the events of the time, describing how I began this journey into the madness that is a Writer’s life.

It’s kind of amusing, the thoughts I started out with have shifted like sand in the desert, but remain somewhat unchanged, like the desert itself. I still don’t have anything published but am a whole lot closer than then.

My Barbarian story is a bit further along, my sci-fi has been sent to an online publisher (Azoth Khem Publishing), where I also have a newer story called “Hell’s Beginning” subbed.

Also, I’ve submitted other short stories to various outlets. Two more have been accepted: Indigo Matters- involving therianthropes of my own imagination; and a poem I wrote for Super Sick Superheroes, which I won’t name here. Both those are for anthologies and will be among other Authors. Then I have Duplicate Counterpart, which, much like Hell’s Beginning, is about a serial killer, just from a different point of view, and Harold’s Revenge, which is a Vampire Killer story. One is a little over 9,000 words and the other just under. Others have been sent out, too. Those can be found on my website; specifically Deadly Cavern, The Rope, The Old Fallow Field, and Silent Screams. The latter two are poetry but The Old Fallow Field is laid out in story format.


I wrote my first story, or at least tried to, way back when I was 17. (Jeez, that was 30 years ago!) I had read a lot of “Conan” books by the late Robert E. Howard, most of them edited and/or revised by Lin Carter, and had a notion that I could make a similar story. I got through 4 chapters and stopped. I had those pages for years, and most who read them said they would buy the book if available. At the time, I was more interested in drinking and getting stoned, so had to work in order to support those desires.

Years went by, and I eventually got into way too much trouble with the law and was convinced by the State I needed to change my lifestyle. I quit the really stupid stuff and actually found I could hold a job for more than a year (or less) at a time.

Writing was not in the forefront of my mind, though I penned quite a few poems during rest periods. I had lost the story from my youth and only revisited the comments, as my memory leaves a whole bunch of areas of my past blank.

In 2010, I injured my back and went on workers comp, so had time on my hands. I began writing a science-fiction story, and a different sword-and-sorcery story than the one I wrote in my younger days, but still grasping at the writings of Howard.

It seemed almost effortless, and before I knew it, I had almost 16,000 words.Thinking I had a great book, I began looking at Self Publishing options. While searching, I found that most modern novels contained no less than 50,000 words. I was flabbergasted. I wasn’t even 1/3 the way through!

One of the companies I had signed up to get more info from called me, and we began looking at the possibility of making a book of poetry instead. I had the ability to write poems with hardly any effort. So, I made more of them to add to the ones already had in order to get the recommended page count, sent them in, and viola. I now have a published book, registered with the Library Of Congress, with my name on the spine!

I am still working on the novels. Seems like the words just don’t flow like those first 16,000. I have since begun what I considered a prequel to “Barbarian Tales”, the story I began in 2010, and called it “The Barbarian”.

I am also enrolled in, indeed almost finished with, a writing course offered by Long Ridge Writers Group. In it, I have twice submitted excerpts of the prequel in order to get editing help and make sure it was a good story. I have decided to go ahead and have this “second” part lead up to the “first” part, combining them into one story and thus boosting the word count; in effect doubling what either would be alone and diminishing what I still have to come up with.

So, while still not considering my self a published author, I am a published poet. But I don’t really want to be a poet, I wish to be an Author. It would be fabulous to walk into a bookstore, or even a library, and be able to point to a selection on the shelf saying, “That one’s MINE.”


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